Our Story

Welcome to Finch + Flourish Paper Goods! We're an LA based design and print studio built on human connection and fueled by tiny moments of joy.


Hi there! I'm Jess (she/her), the illustrator and designer behind Finch + Flourish Paper Goods. I first started this little stationery co. in my Pittsburgh apartment back in 2019, and with the help and support of a wonderful community of customers, makers, and friends this creative outlet/side hustle has since grown into a full-time grown up brand specializing in greeting cards, custom stationery, and illustration. In 2022 we added a beautiful 1913 antique press to the family and started rolling out our first letterpress cards. 2023 began with our biggest change yet as we said goodbye to our dear Strip District studio and the community that helped us grow, and headed west for sunny Silver Lake, Los Angeles and new snail mail adventures! 


Our Products

All of our cards begin as a one of kind illustration (by me!) before being formatted and printed on recycled paper and paired with recycled envelopes. We strive to make the highest quality cards with silly sentiments that make it a little easier to share feelings, connect with loved ones, or just brighten someone's day.


Our Values

We know there is no ethical consumption under capitalism. We make single use paper cards, shipped via gas-fueled vehicles, that will often end up in landfills. And I believe greenwashing is a disservice to people and the planet. But what I can say is that I try my absolute hardest to cause as little harm as possible every step of the way. We source USA made recycled paper created with renewable energy. We avoid plastic in our packaging, and use only plant based sleeves for our cards (we're trying to get away from these as much as possible, too). Our shipping materials are often upcycled, and when that isn't available we use USA made recycled mailers. But I don't want to just cause less harm - I strive to actively do good. By creating a product that helps people connect, support, and share with one another. And by using this business to always share what I can, when I can, in the efforts to make this a more just, equitable planet for all people and animals.